Thank you for choosing us as your laboratory partner.

For us expedite your order, please include the following:


1.Sending Samples

  • Please specify instructions as whether to the sample is to be ground or dried, otherwise the chemical composition of your samples may be affected.
  • Please provide approximate percentage values for the sample elements, identify any interfering elements, and specify the detection limits required.
  • For instructions regarding sample size, shipping, and pricing please contact us at (416) 286-3332 or Toll Free (877) 246-9107

2.A fully completed Sample Submission form.

  • A Specification Sheet is required for each sample submitted.
  • A Sample Submission Form is required for each sample.
  • Be sure to complete all areas to ensure prompt and correct handling of the samples. Incomplete sample submission form may result in turnaround time delays in processing samples. If you need assistance, please contact us at the number below.

3. For new business accounts


  • Provide approximate percentage values for the sample elements and identify any interfering elements, as well as specify the detection limits required.
  • If required, please specifically request trace analyses, as different sample sizes, procedures, and pricing may apply.

5.Material Safety Data Sheet (if required)

Sample Cancellation/Modification

  • If you need to make modifications to or cancel a previously submitted Sample Submission Form for testing that has not yet been started or completed, please download, complete, and submit the Sample Modification/Cancellation Form.
  • If changes are required after testing has initiated based on the sample submission form, charges will still apply.

Laboratory Results

We email the Laboratory Results (COA) for all levels of service directly to the client. If repeat analyses are required due to lack of information, extra charges will apply.

Turnaround Time Options

We understand your testing needs, so we try our best to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming steps. Our professionals are experienced at recognizing similarities between sample types and applying proven methodologies. This results in prompt, efficient turn-around times.

Regular Service:

Approximately 5-7 business days (10 business days for complete monographs) from the date of sample receipt. Analysis completion time varies with the sample type, handling requirements, and tests requested.

48-hour RUSH Service: 

Available on selected analysis at a 50% surcharge (please call for availability). Results are reported by email or fax as soon as they become available.

When requesting “RUSH” services, please mark CAL “RUSH” labels on the outside of the shipping containers. Containers labeled “RUSH” are opened and processed before Regular Service packages.

For instructions regarding sample size, shipping, and pricing please contact us at
(416) 286-3332 or Toll Free (877) 246-9107