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Our Rapid Protein Testing services for food products provides fast, convenient, and cost-effective analysis to determine protein content and characterization of nutritional or dietary value,  as well determining its category and quality.

One of the most significant nutritional components of food is protein.  Rapid protein testing provides an accurate and precise determination of protein not only plays a role in the characterization of nutritional or dietary value in food materials but is also key to the economic value of these materials. Protein in foods is calculated using the measured nitrogen in the sample and a multiplier based on the food matrix.

Product Applications:

  • Baked Goods – accurate precise determination of protein for characterization of nutritional and dietary value, categorization, and quality of flour and milled products
  • Animal Feeds
  • Packaged food products with Protein
  • Protein Powder / Natural Health Products
  • Milk and Milk Products (whey products, baby foods and infant formulas)

Analytical Testing Services

  • Raw materials analysis to verify the optimum formula and hitting the right protein content.
  • Improving manufacturer profitability by going beyond the legal minimum testing to meet labeling requirements.
  • Protein optimization through analysis of feed to support producers such as farmers for better production of meat, or eggs or other food products.
  • Fast, convenient, and cost-effective analysis, even with heterogeneous, low protein or difficult sample matrices.



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Regular Service for routine sample turnaround time is 7- 10 business days. Rush Service available for 5 day and 2 day turnaround at additional rates.

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