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Our extensive knowledge and diverse range of analytical techniques ensures independent, timely, accurate testing analysis for herbal and botanical extracts, essential oils and flavoring compounds.

As the consumer shift to self-care continues, it is ever more critical for herbal and botanical brands to have the right testing partner given ingredient complexity, technical and quality assurance challenges.

Setting Specifications for Identity, Strength and Composition

Marker compounds in herbals are unique stable molecules that are constitutively expressed, meaning that do they not vary as a result of harvesting, storage, and processing conditions.

To find a stable molecule and to source a standard of suitable purity in a botanical is challenging. While it is not difficult to overcome these two basic challenges for raw materials or single ingredient formulations, it does become very difficult to quantify botanical ingredients in complex, multiple ingredient formulations.

For over 30 years we have been setting specifications for identity, strength and composition as well as for compounds that may adulterate.  We select testing methods to support those specifications.

Herbal and Botanical Testing Services

  • Identification of Raw Material using Infrared Spectroscopy, High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPLTLC) and HPLC
  • Analysis of Marker Compound Assay using Current Official Methods for raw herbs and single herbs finished products

Adulteration Testing

Herbal products pose a significant challenge for brand marketers when it comes to ensuring that what’s listed on labels products is actually in the products.  Contaminants and impurities can end up in supplements intentionally and unintentionally. We test for addition, substitution, or dilution of botanical materials with lower cost or less active materials and for compounds that may adulterate as well offer botanical identity testing.

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