CAL Has Tremendous Experience in Testing Natural Health Products

Natural Health Products pose a significant analytical challenge. Marker compounds are defined as unique molecules that are constitutively expressed, that do not vary as a function of harvest, storage, and processing conditions.

To find such a stable molecule in a botanical is often challenging enough. The second challenge is then to source a standard of suitable purity. While it is not difficult to overcome these two basic challenges for raw materials or single ingredient formulations, it does become very difficult to quantify botanical ingredients in complex, multiple ingredient formulations.

Our analytical strategies include:

Below are just a few of the areas within the range of contract services offered by CAL for pharmaceutical products:

1. Identification of Raw Material using High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPLTLC), HPLC and Infrared Spectroscopy
2. Analysis of Marker Compound Assay using Current Official Methods
  • i) Raw Herb
  • ii)Single Herb Finish products

Below are just a few of the areas within the range of contract services offered by CAL for herbal products.

Herbs:       Method: USP, In-house       Instrument: HPLC, HPLTLC and FTIR
Acacia Dong Qui Hops Psyllium
Aloe Vera Echinacea Horsetail Quassia
American Ginseng English hawthorn Jojoba Rabdosia
Artichoke Eucalyptus Juniper Red Clover
Ashwagandha Fenugrrek Lemon Balm Reshi mushroom
Astragalus Garnicia Licorice Rosemary
Billberry Garlic Magnolia Spirulina
Black cohosh GingerGinseng Marigold St. John Wort
Black Walnut Grape Milk Thistle Stevia
Chaste tree berryCranberry Green tea Nettle (Stinging) Tribulus
Dandelion Guarana Passion flower Turmeric
Devils Claw Hoodia Peppermint Valerian

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