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Our Mission is to be your strategic partner and competitive advantage.

Canadian Analytical Laboratories has resident expertise in a large number of the Analytical Sciences that span chemistry and biology.

Our modern facilities and state-of-the-art equipment allow accurate, reproducible analysis. Whether your needs are contract Research and Development of new methodologies or routine Quality Control Analysis, CAL has the expertise and resources to serve your needs.

We provide accurate and reproducible analysis of your samples at competitive prices, in the quickest and most economical way possible.
Let us be one of your competitive advantages in the North American marketplace.

Our Commitment to Excellence

CAL Our commitment to the Industry has been longstanding. CAL’s on-going participation in research activities has earned us a reputation for excellence in Canada. Our collaborative relationship with universities demonstrates our commitment to Research and Development with a publication record that includes articles in well respected international research journals.
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Our Expertise with Natural Health Products


Over the years CAL has become the Natural Health Products industry’s analytical laboratory in Canada. CAL has developed accurate and precise methods for the analysis of many natural molecules well before Canadian Regulatory agencies had published their own methods. We are proud to have our methods utilized by regulatory agencies around the world and pleased to be used as the reference laboratory of choice for some of North America’s largest Natural Health Product companies.

Our Mission

The mission of Canadian Analytical Laboratories is to provide clients with Laboratory Testing and Methods Services. This will bring products of the highest quality to the Canadian market that can empower consumers to lead healthier, more productive lives.

CAL is proud of our employees and recognizes the great worth of their contribution. The success rests on professionalism, dynamism, commitment, and solidarity of all its employees. CAL believes that its competitiveness and performance are closely tied to the stable and enriching relations that it maintains with its employees. In cooperation, we create a satisfying and stimulating work environment that favours the growth and development of our staff through strong management, training and other improvement programs.