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At CAL all laboratory activities are strictly controlled by Standard Operating Procedures developed and implemented by the Quality Assurance Department.

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Our commitment to our customers is embedded in our quality policies and procedures.

At CAL we believe that handling client analytical testing is rooted in trust. Only with confidence in your contract analytical laboratory can your firm really benefit from the many advantages of outsourcing analytical testing activities.

A strategic partnership with CAL will provide:

  • Rapid, reliable analytical data to evaluate product quality for release purposes
  • Accurate analytical data for product license submissions
  • ICH compliant method validation studies
  • ICH compliant stability studies

Amongst the many Quality programs at CAL we have:

  • Ongoing training and professional development of our employees
  • Execution of internal audit programs
  • External government audits and extensive in house and external calibration programs for all of our equipment.

Well executed Quality Policies provide a high level of confidence.

  • Assays and chemical tests
  • Identification of active ingredients and impurities
  • Physical and physico-chemical determinations
  • Limit tests (heavy metals, ash, anions)
  • Residual solvents
  • Sampling and analyses of water for regulated product purposes and controlled process environments
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CAL's analytical testing abilities fall into two categories:


Our Analytical Chemistry group offers a diverse range of analytical tests that range from classical wet chemical methods to modern instrumental methods of analysis.

Our Analytical Microbiology group routinely performs enumeration of total aerobic bacteria. We provide bacterial identification of food borne pathogens, shelf life evaluation, routine microbiological monitoring of food quality and manufacturing practices for Natural Health Products, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals products.